If I looked THIS comfy pregnant, imagine how comfy I am now!

Here are a few things you might not want to know about me…
Confession #1: I still wear my maternity pants. There I said it! They are soooo comfy, you just don’t understand! haha Plus, even though I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, it’s just not the same. I don’t really feel like squeezing into my old jeans and they are far too restrictive… YOU go buy a pair of maternity pants and then tell me I’m crazy! Careful though you may never want to be not pregnant again!

That being said I decided to go pants shopping at the mall for something a little less practical… but “normal”.

Confession #2: I like looking homeless when I shop! You know how many of those sales people at kiosks approach a mom in shorts,  with a messy bun, and a somewhat holey BYU 08′ alumni shirt?!? One! And when she found out that I didn’t have TV  because I can’t afford it, she got really awkward and let me on my merry way! haha It really brings joy to my heart when I can look those kiosk people directly in the eye and not worry about pretending to be sorta interested in their product and then pretending to change my mind just so i can get away. Saying no is too hard and pretending takes too long!

After an unsuccessful trip to the mall, I decided to head down to Costco and kill some time there.

Confession #3: I like to inconspicuously hover around the free sample tables at Costco. We all do it, don’t judge me! There just never seems to be enough samples to go around! As a result,  I strategically stand in the cold cheese aisle acting like I’m really interested in their sale on mozzarella, so that I can, in reality, stanch a piece of their grilled chicken samples as soon as they are done!

For those of you who are single, I also hear that Costco is a pretty sweet place to take a first date… at least according to The Daily Universe

Carter’s thighs in all their glory!

Confession #4: I really really really  LOVE the rolls on Carter’s  thighs! Is it wrong to want a fat baby? I mean sure there’s a limit on how fat I should let him get, but there really is no limit to the adorable fat baby possibilities. Plus fattening him up for my own pleasure won’t scar him for life or anything… right? It’s crazy because this kid literally gains weight overnight… and it goes straight to his thighs! haha I love it!

Confession #5: I paid $4 for a car wash today… it then proceeded to rain…

The End.


2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Lol. I love this -especially confession #2. I had no idea that I just needed to look homeless in order to avoid the pushy kiosk sales people.

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