When did the dentist become so terrifying? My memories of the dentist are somewhat vague, but definitely pleasant.

When I was young, I remember the dentist had a Pacman game that I could play while I waited. I also got to choose a candy flavor for the mold they took of my teeth… mmm grape! Next they would use a electric cleaner/polisher (again flavored like candy) to clean my teeth until they sparkled! Finally, The dentist would come and tell me how excellent my teeth were, that I needed to floss more, and that I could go pick a toy from the prize box! It was glorious!

SADLY, I grew up and had to go to a new dentist. While this one was very friendly, it just wasn’t as fun. Still, I didn’t really mind going to the dentist, I always got a toothbrush and a good report; no cavities.

It wasn’t until I was about 20 that I got my first cavity. But apparently my mom took me to a drug happy doctor because he gave me laughing gas before the shot. Needless to say, I don’t remember too much of getting that cavity filled except that the ceiling looked really silly and made me giggle.. a lot! All in all, a good experience.

Well, yesterday I went to the dentist again. This time to get 4 cavities filled, and a crown put on. When did I get to have such terrible teeth?!? Someone told me when you get pregnant your teeth go bad or something… I dunno, but I’m gonna go with that.

So I go in, and gone are the days of video games, laughing gas, and prize boxes. Now I go in and get three shots (with needles longer than my arm), in three parts of my mouth. Then, a nice menacing drill the size of a football, that vibrated my whole head and made my brains hurt, was used to make holes the size of craters in my teeth. It was terrifying! As I was laying there I was thinking, how in the world do they get little kids to sit through this? Truth be told I cried twice throughout the procedure. No way a ten year old can handle this…

After an hour of drilling, filling and that weird(probably cancer causing) light, I was done! So, face numb and slightly swollen, what was my prize for making it through the dentist? A $79 bill… woot woot  for growing-up… :/


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