We Bought a CAR!!!

(Old post! But I really wish I had the pictures from this post! )

… okay not really, but Daniel wanted to.

On Friday we went and spent the day with Cesar in Monterey. He’s pretty much the only person from high school that I still talk to/ hang out with every time I come home and is one of my bestest friends! (whether or not he wants to be :p)

We started off the afternoon by getting some lunch at a Ambrosia. It is an Indian Restaurant that has a sweet all you can eat lunch buffet for $9.98. It was yummy and I ate sooo much I was ready to explode! I forgot to take a picture of the food, but trust me when I say, it was wonderful.

Then we headed down to the wharf because they were having a car concourse. This was not just any old car get together. There were TONS of fancy cars all over Monterey! Daniel is kind of big on cars and so all the way to lunch he kept getting all excited every time he saw a “sweet car”!

You’ll have to ask him what kind of cars they were, all I saw were the shiny red ones.

Anyways we went to the wharf and saw all the cars they had on display. There were two lots full of cars, but one of them you had to pay $50 just to get in! Who on earth pays that much to look at cars?!? Well apparently people do, cuz there were plenty of peeps in the “hidden car” lot.

We also made our way down to the wharf and walked around a little. Me and Cesar took a picture together… I dunno what we were doing but people were definitely staring as we walked by… haha it was great!


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