I get these e-mails every week that correlate with Carter’s age and tell me where he should be progression wise… holding his head up, rolling over, speaking; you know, things like that. Anyways, about three weeks ago the e-mail said, “Your baby should be making lots of noises now and loves to coo back and forth with you.” …So I wait for Carter to coo… nothing… He’s been relatively quiet for the most part (go figure with a mom like me). He did however start making noises about two weeks ago, but only little short bursts of happy energy here or there, especially after eating.

Well, yesterday Carter found his voice and then some! He went on and on and on and on for about ten minutes, just talking to the room! It was pretty adorable.

Then, today when I gave him a bath, he angry chattered at me! haha It was sooo funny! He did not like his bath and he was gonna tell me all about it. I have to admit, it’s a lot better than crying, which is still a regular occurrence in our home (see picture on right)… but what kind of chatterbox am I gonna end up with when this kid finally learns to speak?!?


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