No Tengo Dinero

“We’re making money right now.. Right NOW we’re making money!” hahaha I love Brian Regan, he’s sooo funny!

I bet they charged us $5 for that cookie in my hand… good thing I ate like fifty of them!

Speaking of money… Babies are expensive!!! Even with insurance it is pretty pricey having a baby. Our insurance is super cheap but it leaves us with a $5,000 deductible…. no bueno! Thank goodness for DOUBLE COVERAGE!  Thanks to Mr. Obama my parents’ insurance gets to be my lucky primary insurance until I’m 26! woot woot!

However, that still leaves us with the expensive baby problem… turns out he’s not double insured. I was floored by how much they charged to take him to the nursery and give him a bath. Crazy hospital people. All in all, we ended up paying about $2,000  in hospital bills, which is not bad at all.

That cute paper sign with his name on it… $10

Little did we know Daniel’s work is amazing! (Well we did already know that, but I guess we just didn’t know how amazing.) They will reimburse all the money we pay towards our deductible after the first $500, so we were pretty excited for $1,500 back. What we didn’t know was that they would reimburse the deductible even when another insurance pays it! Soooo the $2,000 my parents’ insurance paid for my hospital stay… reimbursed!

We got a check today for, as Daniel likes to put it, an undisclosed amount of money ($3,758.36). SWEET!!! Too bad, as soon as we got it we had to put it towards my student loans…. lamesauce… poor again! haha

All in all, if you count the reimbursement money annnd the money the government is now willing to pay towards Daniels school, I’d say having Carter was the best financial decision we ever made… I’ll let you know as soon as that changes (probably around the time we run out of  free diapers from our baby showers… I’d give it two weeks…)


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