3 Months

Carter as a newborn… sooo skinny!

Carter at 3 months, in his big boy outfit!

My little munchkin is now three months old! He weighs around 12 pounds (just my rough guess) and is eating like a beast! 5-6 ounces every 3 hours (no exceptions)… at least during the day.

At night he sleeps at least 8 hours, which helps explain his crazy eating during the day, but that’s nothing new, he’s been a good sleeper since he was like a month old.

Last night we made the mistake of letting him go to bed at seven… 8 hours later, at 3 am, a very tired mom had to get up and feed an even more tired baby. That’ll teach me! What a sweet 3 month birthday present huh?

He can roll over now, but only when provoked… or assisted. haha He loves looking around and taking everything in. As a result, I have to hold him facing outwards so he can see everything going on. If I don’t, he fusses until he gets his way.

This kid LOVES to smile! He will pretty much smile at anyone and everyone… especially after eating. I love his smile, it’s so contagious! I can be in the worst mood ever and one smile from this boy and things aren’t so bad.

He also loves ceiling fans and light fixtures. Pretty much the first thing he looks for when scouring the room is the light fixtures.

He still gets the hiccups all the time, but now he seems to dislike them as much as me! He has become quite the talker as of late, which I’ve previously mentioned, and has even laughed… once (it was in his sleep and was adorable).

His hand eye coordination is getting much better. He likes to grab at things and put them straight in his mouth. Most recently he has enjoyed putting a toy monkey, that my mom picked out for him, in his mouth. (He sometimes likes to talk to him first… see picture)

Bath-time is no longer the worst thing I’ve ever done to him, but he still barely tolerates it. He does however, like when I wash his hair. I don’t blame him. Who can say no to a good scalp massage?

I just look at my baby boy and think… Where did my tiny newborn go? I don’t remember him getting so big so fast. I put him in his “big boy” outfit today (it’s a 0-3) and he actually fits in it! What?!? He use to swim in it!!! It’s mind-boggling! Anyways…

Happy 3 Month Birthday Baby Carter!  Stop growing-up so fast!

Love, Your Mom


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