Food, Food, and did I mention… Food?

Poor Carter looks terrified!

This weekend was a pretty eventful one. Daniels’ younger brother Ferrin, went through the temple on Friday for the first time. I wasn’t going to go because of Carter, but I finally mustered the courage to let Daniels sister Jamie take care of him. It was really stressful for me to leave him. I know, I know, he’ll be fine, but I’ve only ever left him with “mom” supervision… Basically if there is another mom around then I feel like it’s okay… Jamie is not a mom… therefore, it was stressful.

Yay Ferrin! Only two more months!!!

Anyhow, after I left my munckin at the bakeshop with Jamie, we headed up to the Bountiful Temple. It was a busy and HOT day! There were cars lined up down the street. Turns out three other temples were closed so Bountiful was super super busy. I think someone said there were like 19 weddings there that day! wow!

The temple was fantastic! I don’t think I’ve done an endowment session since a couple months after me and Daniel got married. It was lovely. After the session, Treasa took some picture outside of the Temple, of Ferrin. I had my camera so I had to take some too! Laura was feeling a little jealous that Ferrin was getting all the attention so I took a few pictures of her too!

Laura’s very jealous face…

After pictures we headed down to The Golden Corral where all your eating dreams come true. So don’t judge me but The Golden Corral is Carter’s favorite place to eat! haha He’s only three months old but I’m pretty sure he’s been there like 7 times! It’s just the place that people (mostly my family) take me and Daniel to eat. Saturday was the first day we actually paid to eat there… if that makes it any better. We’re social eaters, don’t judge.

After stuffing our faces until we were ready to pop we headed up to Morgan where my Grandma and Grandpa Carter live. My family had left their tennis rackets at my Grandparent’s house when they came to visit, and they wanted us to bring them to Cali in two weeks when we go to visit them. So, what better excuse to go up and stay with the Grandparents.

Carter in his Sunday best!

It’s always so nice and relaxing in Morgan. I love it! Annnd did I mention they always feed us really well while we’re there. They have a pretty good sized garden, so me and Daniel when out on Saturday and picked some of the raspberries. Mmm they were good!

On Sunday, we got to sleep in because my grandparents church isn’t until one! It was nice, but I wouldn’t want to do that every week. Its like you lose the whole day sleeping. We had french toast and bacon for breakfast. Sooo yummy.

During church Carter was being a menace. My grandparents told me that my uncle Bret hated church and would cry every time they drove by the church building. I don’t know how they handled that! My Grandpa said they still went but it wasn’t fun. I’m hoping Carter was just having a bad day…

Leaning forward to get a better look at Muffin

After church Great Grandpa came to dinner and Carter loved it! He gave him a great big smile right off the bat! Carter is really lucky to have a Great Great Grandpa and I’m glad they at least get to see each other, even if Carter may not remember later.

Carter also loved Muffin, my Grandparents’ dog. This visit was the first time he even acknowledged her presence. He had a good time checking her out from a distance…

For dinner, we had ribs, baked potatoes, coleslaw, and cornbread. There was sooo much food! And my Grandpa kept saying,” There’s still some ribs left, Daniel you need to help us out and eat it!” haha He bullied Daniel into eating another baked potato and two more ribs… He then proceeded to bully me into splitting a cornbread with him! haha He’s sooo funny!

He was even helping Daddy hold the remote! Sooo cute!

When it was time to leave my Grandma send us home with two bowls of pudding with fruit on it annnnd a big container of cut up watermelon and cantaloupe… we are sooo spoiled.

That night when we got home we decided to play a little Mario Party. Daniel told Carter to “pick” a team. Of course he wanted to be on Daddy’s team! (offended) haha Little did he know Daddy’s team would be the losing team. Next time he will hopefully be a little more wise and pick “the winning team” aka Mommy’s team lol

It was a good weekend, but now I think I’m gonna have to eat only salad until I digest all the massive amounts of food I ate!


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