Turn Right … To the Left to the Left …

So here’s my question. Are we born as a righty or a lefty? Or is it the way we are raised and taught, that shapes our abilities?

Today I was noticing that Carter prefers to use his left hand to grab stuff. On his play set (I call it an apparatus) there is a monkey that makes crinkle sounds. He loves to grab it and coincidentally, it is on his left side. When I switched the monkey to the other side, he still would grab at the toy on the left. Is that just out of habit? Or is he gonna be a lefty when he grows up?

Daniel wanted to be a lefty at basketball, so he just started shooting with his left all the time. Eventually, it became natural to him and he now has trouble shooting with his right.

So if practice is the way a child becomes a lefty, do i want to help him strengthen that skill? A lot of people I know who are left handed really like that they’re lefty, but have trouble with some basic things, like writing (because it smudges).

I told him he couldn’t play field hockey as a lefty…

I know they make special notebooks and scissors for lefty’s. I looked it up and apparently there are online stores devoted entirely to lefty’s. I also read that lefty’s get payed less as adults, have trouble sitting by right handed people at the dinner table, and …aren’t allowed to play field hockey?! (rude!)

However, there are a lot of cool things that come with being a lefty, especially in sports. People have a hard time guarding Daniel in basketball because he’s a lefty. In baseball, batters who are left handed tend to have better batting averages. I’ve even read somewhere that lefty’s tend to have higher IQ’s! The very fact that he would be part of only 10% of Americans who are lefty, would be pretty awesome.

I guess, I’ll just wait and see. If anything, he can be like his Dad and just be a lefty basketball player. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up being ambidextrous! Then he’d have all the advantages of both! Saaaweet!

p.s. Carter has a new skill… spit bubble blowing… it’s very “in” right now. lol Just thought I’d share 😉


3 thoughts on “Turn Right … To the Left to the Left …

  1. I’m left handed -the only true lefty in my family. I was definitely not trained to be that way -it came completely natural to me. I think everyone has a natural tendency to be either left handed or right handed -some have a much stronger tendency than others. But I also think you can be trained to adapt to using a non-dominant hand as well -but it can be pretty tough. I love being a lefty and wouldn’t trade it if I could. 🙂 And for the record, I’ve never been paid less as a lefty -none of my employers have even known I was left handed -I think that’s pretty ridiculous. lol

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