Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like spiders….

Today will go down in the year 2012, as one of the best days EVER! Why you might ask? Because a nice young man from Next Generation Pest Control showed up on our door step. Ok, so he didn’t just show up out of nowhere, I called him. But for the low low price of $59 He sprayed around out house for spiders!!!

Maybe I need to back track a little for you to adequately feel how important this day is to me…

We recently moved into Daniel’s sister’s basement unfinished basement and its been the scariest three months of my life. There are spiders of every shape, size, color, and breed in this basement. Did I mention I’m terrified of spiders?

This pretty accurately describes my fear of spiders…

The day we moved in, Daniel an Devan were putting up some shelves to hang our clothes on and a million little spiders started crawling out through the holes they drilled in the wall! THAT’S how many spiders live in the basement.

Well after living in the basement for about a week Daniel managed to kill all the spiders dumb enough to show their icky little faces, but who’s to say how many spiders there are lurking in the shadows of the basement. It creeps me out!

As a result of the spiders we have to keep the downstairs pretty clean. But they still manage to find place to live… In one day, they managed to build a huge web on Carter’s baby bathtub! I had just used it the day before! It was sick!

So the other day I’m minding my own business brushing my teeth before bed, and I look behind me and see the mother of all spider’s! Me and Daniel like to call him, and all his freakishly large friends, Goliath spiders. Daniel says its the biggest spider he’s ever seen, and besides a pet tarantula, (that I once held!) it was the biggest I’ve seen too!

Me holding a spider in 2009… you didn’t believe me did you?

I’m pretty sure this spider was part tarantula…. It HAD to be! It was soo sick! I ran out of the bathroom and jumped on the bed so it couldn’t catch me. Daniel killed it and said the crunch was similar to the crunch of squishing a mouse. Ugh It gives me chills remembering it!

So a few days later there is a paper taped to the door. It said due to complaints in the area (probably about Goliath spiders), Next Generation Pest Control was doing a neighborhood discount for two day. Needless to say, I signed up!

S0 they came today and first off, the kid was an hour early, which was fine, I just may not have smelled the best. I say “the kid” because he had to be like 16. He was a cute kid, and I’m sure he’s making a fortune spaying houses in the summer, so good for him.

The spraying took all of 10, maybe 15 minutes and it was done. Then I paid him, and sent him on his merry way. He was a really nice kid and for $59, I’d definitely call them again… The peace of mind is worth it!

Next step, project sticky traps… I’ll let you know what kind of disgusting specimens we catch on those.

Sidenote: On a completely unrelated sidenote, grapes were 99 cents a pound at Smiths… score! Bring on the grape induced tummy ache. šŸ™‚


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