Vacation, all I ever wanted!!!

We’re on vacation!!!! It’s wonderful! We left Saturday morning… EARLY! And 14 hours later made it to beautiful California! I love love LOVE it!

On Sunday we went to church with my parent and Sacrament meeting was all in Spanish. I had no idea what was going on but Carter and Daniel LOVED it! It was a much better Sunday for Carter so I’m thankful for that.

Today we decided to start our vacation out with a bang, so to the beach we went! But first we stopped by my parents’ work (So they could show Baby Carter off. He was looking extra cute in his crab catching outfit!

My parents love us (Baby Carter) so much that they took us to lunch at BJ’s. I got a gluten free pizza and it was actually pretty good. The crust was really thin (because if it was thick it probably wouldn’t be very good) but the cheese and sauce was pretty good! I give it a 7.9. Still… nothing compared to the pizza at Eleanor’s.

Then off to the beach we went. It was a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach… we’re talking picture book, t.v. show, is probably on a post card somewhere… California perfect!

We hiked to a rocky part of the beach and Daniel went straight to the tide pools! He caught a crab this time, on his first try! (He was really proud of this accomplishment) Annnd he almost brought me a starfish…. but he didn’t want to accidentally kill it….

After an hour or two of enjoying the beach we decided to go to Target to visit my sister (and pick up a baby backpack because we forgot to bring ours :/). My sister works in food avenue now, so i  had to buy a slushie so I wouldn’t get her in trouble for not working…. I may or may not have even gotten a free refill… even though the sign said not to…

Then we came home and my Dad made the best tri-tip I’ve ever had in my whole life!!!! It was sooo good I’m pretty sure I ate a billion pieces! Mmmm… Meat sweats! lol

Anywho, sorry this is so quick, but we’re on vacation… who has time to blog???

Just look at these pictures and think happy thoughts! (I have more pictures but my other camera is misplaced… I’ll post them when I find it)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. Did I mention that Me and Daniel are going to move to California? Yup, we’re gonna buy THIS house… NBD…


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