Vacation (Part 2)

We have been sooo busy the ever since we got here, it’s crazy!

Two days ago we went up to Gilroy to visit my grandma Nora. She had mentioned to my aunt Leti that we were coming, so Leti came to spend some time with us too! It was a really fun day, we drove to Capitol and ate at a sweet restaurant, right on the coast! Then we walked around the town a little bit. It was the cutest little town. Super colorful and bright!

Grandma splurged and bought us ice cream! It was sooo good, I got black cherry and pralines n’ caramel… It reminded me of when I worked at the BYU Creamery my freshmen year! Yummy!

Santa Cruz

Then we drove up to the lighthouse in Santa Cruz. It was cool because people surf all along the cliffs. My aunt told me she use to come here and surf all the time… I had no idea! I’ve lived in California my whole life and have never seen an actual surfer… I guess that shows how much I get out huh?

It was really beautiful! I love the coast! This will definitely be one of the go to places when we come out for vacation every year! (especially because it’s free!)

Carter sportin’ his bucket hat!

Then yestederday, Sarah (who took like 5 days off work to hang out with us/Baby Carter) drove us down to San Luis Obispo! We walked around downtown, it was really nice, not to crowded or anything. Carter was soo spoiled, Sarah carried him around everywhere! He loved looking around at all the trees and buildings. It was really hot though and his little head was getting scorched… so we bought him a hat! Oh, it’s the cutest hat ever! (and only $2 on clearance at Gap!)

San Luis Obispo Mission

We went and check out the old mission in San Luis…. it was pretty sweet… but it smelled really… old. I took a few pictures inside but felt like maybe that was not ok? I dunno…

After that we were getting pretty hungry so we stopped at Chipotle… It was good, I think I still prefer Costa Vida though.

Next we wend down to Avila beach! It was super warm , with a slight cool ocean breeze! Perfect!!! We walked along the coast and then down the pier. I had a panic attack because the wood had spaces between the boards. I was seriously nauseous and convinced I’d fall through or drop Baby Carter and he’d fall through… It was weird.

Avila Beach

Right before we left, we went to the gift shops and got a super cute fridge magnet that said Avila Beach on it. We want to get one magnet every year we come out, with a different place on it. We figure its a cheap, fun, and useful way to collect souvenirs (who doesn’t need another fridge magnet?)

Today we are going to the Aquarium! I’m super excited!!! Lots and lots of pictures to come!

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