When life gives you lemons….

…have a hysterical breakdown and call your husband.

Well at least that’s what I do when I get a lemon.

So I got home this morning after an exceptionally good birthday weekend. We had homemade sourdough pizza Saturday night, delicious fish and chips Sunday night, and a birthday peach cheesecake for dessert (all gluten free). Besides the food, it was regional conference so we got to go to a meeting Saturday night and Sunday morning. Both phenomenal!

Anyways, when I got home I decided to check the mail. I was hoping for a birthday card from my parents. I saw two bright colored envelopes which could only mean…. Birthday cards! Yay!

However, sitting on top of the birthday cards was an ominous looking letter from the dentist. Well, Daniel may or may not have been avoiding going to the dentist to get all his work done… Only because it would cost like $600, which is not exactly the type of money we have laying around. With that in mind I opened it first, thinking it was a reminder to come in and get the work finished. Boy was I wrong.

It turned out to be a bill… A big bill.  A $1,500 bill. Fifteen HUNDRED dollars. Fifteen hundred dollars! FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! It doesn’t matter how many times you say it… It’s still a lot of money.

So me being the level headed person I am, I immediately went hysterical. How dare they charge us this much after they told us it would be covered by insurance up to this point. We’ve already paid like $500 dollars toward dental work this year. (As a side note, dental insurance is terrible… at least ours is…. A cavity is like $70 “after” insurance) So I called them up, somewhat calm, with the intent to chew them out, demand they fix it, and get all our medical information switched to a new dentist!

Well, I call them and a sweet lady answers the phone… From that moment on, I’m sunk. I can’t yell at a sweet lady… I just can’t. If only a grumpy lady had answered… Or a man… I could have yelled at a man. Nope just my luck, a sweet old (she’s probably not that old like 45) lady. So I explained to her my confusion about this bill and she explained that it’s the insurance company’s fault.

Well hating insurance companies is a band wagon I’ve jumped on looooong ago. While we did end up getting quite a bit paid for Carter’s birth, it was a fight. I called both insurances no less than 5 times each. They kept taking payments back. Refusing to cover us… It was a nightmare. The last time they took back a payment I just paid it. It’s not worth calling again only for them to repeat what the paper says…

Long story short, I hate insurance companies.

Well this mess is sorta the insurance companies fault and sorta the dentist fault. They gave us a quote that said we wouldn’t have to pay, but now we do. She said there was nothing she could do about it and even if we appealed the insurance company, that probably nothing would come from it.

At this point I lost it. She was basically affirming what I already suspected… We had to pay it. So I cried. I cried to this random lady on the phone. I tried not to let her know at first, but how do you hide silent sobs when she says something that requires a response?

Well I think she took pity on me(or didn’t want me to post crazy things about their dentist office all over the internet). Either way, she said we could make monthly payments, interest free, for as long as we needed to. She said she would also talk to the doctor and see if some of the fees could be waived so we didn’t have to pay quite as much.

She was such a sweet lady.

After I hung up, I was still hysterical. Even with all this leeway, it was a lot of money. We’ve been trying to pay off my student loans before Carter turns one, so we can be essentially debt free when Daniel graduates. But that means all our extra money has been going to that and not to savings. Basically we’re broke.

So I texted Daniel and told him to call me if he had a chance. He called immediately (Man I love him!) and sat on the phone with me while I sobbed the whole story to him. He calmed me down and told me we would work it out. How can I ague with that?

I’m so grateful for Daniel. I don’t know how I ever survived anything before I met him, I’m such a pansey. He is so calm and reassuring, I can’t help but trust that everything will be okay as long as I have him. He pretty much turns all of my life’s “lemons” into lemonade.

The End

p.s. Here are some pictures of Baby Carter (and my birthday food) . My Mom complained that I haven’t been posting enough pictures of “her baby” lol

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