5 Months

Our little munchkin is 5 months old! Wow, has it really been that long already? He’s changed so much over the past few weeks it’s ridiculous.

Tummy time is starting to look a lot closer to crawling time. He can even wiggle himself in little circles. He also just discovered that if he leans his head over just right while on tummy time he can flip on his back! He is even getting pretty good at sitting on his own… for a few seconds at least.

His hand eye coordinating is getting a lot better too. He likes to reach out and grab everything (especially if I’m holding it). It’s a lot more controlled and deliberate, as opposed to when he would flail his hand wildly until catching onto something (usually my hair) and holding tight.

He finally jumps in his jumper. I was a little worried when we first got it because I thought he couldn’t reach the bottom. I later figured out he could touch the whole time he just didn’t want to! Lazy baby! He is even starting to get the hang of spinning in it… really slowly. That’s still a work in progress.

Eating is his favorite thing. He loves to eat rice cereal especially with bananas. A lot more of it ends up in his tummy now, and not just on his bib. I’m pretty sure he just love to eat. Yesterday, we let him suck on some watermelon and he proceeded to bite a big piece off! Such a piggy.

Did I mention how much he likes baths now? Ok, that’s a lie… He tolerates them. But that’s definitely a step in the right direction. He will now sit semi-pleasantly in the bath. Horrified by the fact that the water is getting him wet, he spends the whole time just counting down the seconds til I take him out…lol But as long as there is no screaming involved, I’m a happy momma!

My favorite new thing that Baby Carter does is laugh! I just love when he laughs. At first it was only Daddy who got all the laughs (talk about unfair) but now pretty much anyone can make him laugh if they act silly long enough. He loves to talk and squeal. It’s very cute. He’s just such a happy baby!

Carter is still a social butterfly and loves smiling at everyone. He has however become a little picky when throwing tantrums… Which means I get to deal with the screaming cranky tired baby. I guess that’s what being a mom is all about… I don’t mind so much though, because once he wears himself out, he’s super cuddly.

Speaking of tantrums, lately he will just randomly start screaming. Nothing calms him down, he just screams! I suspect he might be teething…. who knows? But if this is what teething is like, he can just keep his gummy smile forever.

All in all, he is just growing-up too fast! Soon he’ll be crawling, and while I’m excited for it, I have no idea how I’m gonna deal with a mobile baby. Especially when that baby has as much spunk and energy as Baby Carter. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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