Farewell Facebook

Facebook, oh how I love you! I like to go on and read the news feed all day long. Sometimes I find a person I knew back in high school and learn all about them… (secretly of course) I might even friend request them. I like to post pictures and wait to see who likes it. How many likes did your status get? Mine got 20. Nothing’s official until its Facebook official….

Facebook is taking over our lives! It really is! Especially with the new smart phones that allow you to sit there mindlessly pa-rousing Facebook all day long. That’s not to say Facebook is the only thing we do on our fancy electronics (my vice is an ipad). There is also Pintrest, Instagram, Youtube, Myspace(do people still use that?), Twitter… the possibilities are endless! And what does all this technology leave us with? Endless time wasting capabilities! ENDLESS!

I was thinking about it the other day and I have wasted hundreds to thousands of hours on Facebook since I got it my freshman year in college. What could I have been doing with all that wasted time??? Maybe I would’ve gone to the gym more…although very unlikely. Made more real life friends? Got more sleep? Learned a new skill? Actually have done my college readings?

I definitely wouldn’t of known that so and so is in a fight with so and so… Or that Mr. whats his name has a new girlfriend… OR that she got engaged to a guy from where???

What good is any of this knowledge really?

Also this is kinda of embarrassing, but during my sophomore year in college… I would actually think in Facebook status’! Its true! Back when it would say “Chelsea is….” and you’d fill in the dots. Anything exciting that would happen to me I’d suddenly think oh that’s a good Facebook status or oh I could word my new status like this. It was my Facebook addiction at it’s finest

Maybe I’m a little bit extreme, that wouldn’t be too hard to believe, but I don’t think I’m too far off.

Many a times I’ve seem people glued to their phones, surrounded by family or friends, only to be too involved in Facebook or Pintrest (or texting, but that’s a whole other post) to even take part in real life interactions. It’s like real life is too boring! Sadly, I’ve done it myself… Only to Daniel, but that’s probably the worst person I could do it to. He’ll be talking to me at night and I’ll be listening /Facebook stalking. It makes me sick to think about it… What kind of person does that make me?

Talk about a double standard on my part. I hate, absolutely HATE, when people don’t look at me when I’m talking. It seems like some people are more concerned about whats going on across the room or on their phone than what I have to say. I actually went though a phase where I stopped sharing things with people. If they weren’t gonna listen, I wasn’t gonna talk. I still sometimes go through phases like that. I guess you could call it a pity party, but seriously, why talk to me if you’re not gonna listen?

Some people are really good at multitasking. I’m not. Some people can be doing other things while listening at the same time. I can’t.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect people to stop everything they are doing just to look me in the eye and listen. If you are doing something like cooking, cleaning, eating… by all means continue…  just don’t sit there reading about other peoples lives on Facebook when I’m right there trying to share mine.

Okay this post may have gotten a bit out of hand. Everyone needs to vent a little right?

I don’t mean to offend… all the things I’ve talked about are as real in my life as they are in anyone elses’. However, as a result of how all this makes me feel, I’ve decided to make a change.

The other day I was reading a Facebook status (big surprise huh?) by a young boy. I taught his Sunday school class a year or two ago and he friend-ed me on Facebook. His status was really weird to me. It had abbreviations I’d never seen, and funny wording. So I googled it because I was curious as to what it meant. It wasn’t anything bad, but the website I found the answer to what it meant, was a dad asking why his kids kept posting “this” on Facebook and what it meant.

It was scary to think that my Baby Carter will someday be old enough to have a Facebook… and write secret messages on it? No way! Carter is NOT having a Facebook… EVER!

Then I got to thinking, how in the world am I gonna tell my little boy that he can’t have a Facebook, when all I do is endlessly check it? No bueno.

So I’ve decided to cut Facebook… cold turkey.

While there are many good things that can come from Facebook, I just waste too much time on it and am setting a bad precedent for my kids. I know tons of people who don’t have Facebook, or who have them and never check them. It is possible. Their life is not at all affected or stunted by their lack of Facebook. Right?

So this is my goodbye to Facebook. I’ll post this blog one last time in my status and hopefully that will be the last you see from me on there. I’ll still keep up my blog. I want to print in out at the end of the year and use it as a sort of online journal. If you need me you can always find me here, e-mail me (cmmz88@yahoo.com), or call me. I’ve tried to cut Facebook before, but it never stuck. This time I hope that a written promise will hold better. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!



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