Maaaaail Time!

Mail was probably one of the most exciting things in my life when I was in college. Every birthday and holiday I’d check the mail to see if I got a package. I think my being gone was so new that I got extra mail, but as time passed my family got use to me being gone, thus the packages decreased.

Next thing I know I’m married and you know what that means in the package department?!? Presents! Well first we got lots of letters and things, wishing us well and whatnot… but those slowly trickled away to few and far between! I was an adult now, which apprently means no more packages on my birthdays… mostly just cards.

A year later we were blessed with Baby Carter! Man did he make a killing! People just can’t resist an uber cute baby! He got diapers and clothes galore (we are still using gift diapers)! Buuuut those were mostly in person…

But wouldn’t you know, we also started getting LOADS of mail after Carter was born. LOADS! I mean everyday we’d have like three letters from our insurance company, with our explanation of benefits. I thought, wow these are fun. Then we started getting actual bills… not so fun… More and more bills! They never end! I got two last week and one the week before. Carter is almost six months old, why are they still coming?  Most of them aren’t too bad, so I can’t complain too much. In fact, we just got one for $6. I was like seriously??? Can’t you write off $6? Or at least wait until I come in next? Needless to say, I  haven’t paid that one yet.

So looong story short, I didn’t like mail anymore! It was dead to me on sooo many different levels, we weren’t even speaking.

However, I’ve recently found a new love for all things mail! It started about a week ago when Daniels mom got a unmarked letter to us! It was all typed with no return address. There was a note in it that was also typed and said they thought we should have “this”. We look inside and find an unusually large bill in there. Someone sent us money! Who??? I looked again for a return address. None. There was however a postage stamp. It was mailed from Provo… Provo?!? Provo is a college town… who has this much money in a college town? Try as we might we have no idea who sent it to us so…

If you’re out there and reading this, thanks for the anonymous letter/gift! It meant a lot to us.

However, my love for mail doesnt stop there! Today I got a package from my family in California. As I was frantically trying to open it, I was going through all the holidays in my head… My birthday? No I just had that. Halloween? Too Soon… Daniels birthday?? Not til February (but only like two months away from mine)… WHAT IS THIS PACKAGE FOR???

Finally open, I see bubble wrap. I couldn’t get what was in it free so I put it aside and looked underneath… Bahahaha! Raiders stuff for Baby Carter! Raiders are my Dad’s favorite team, and while they don’t necessarily win (ever), he is a true fan through and through. I may or may not have woken Baby Carter up from a nap to try these on… In my defense he’s a looong naper, it would’ve been alll day before I could see him in them!

What can I say? He’s adorable. I had to take the hat off because it was cutting off circulation to his brain. Who knew Baby Carter had such a big head? He also had some trouble with the shoes.  He just kinda stood there like he was glued to the floor… a limp noodle of sorts.

We also got (and by we I mean Baby Carter) a onsie from disneyland annnd a mickey mouse picture frame.

Which left me wondering… did my family go to the happiest place on earth, without me???

Thanks for the package! It made my day!

p.s. Never, EVER wake Baby Carter up from his nap! This kid needs his beauty sleep…

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One thought on “Maaaaail Time!

  1. Actually, the picture frame was for you and Daniel. And no, we didn’t go to Disneyland, but I went to a conference in Anaheim and got the things at Downtown Disney. Love you! The pictures of Carter are precious! Mom

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