My Scrappy(?) Player

20121017-212344.jpgI’ve never heard of someone being a scrappy player, but the other day Daniel said someone called him that. At first I was offended. Why would someone be so rude? Come to find out it is a compliment! Haha good thing I wasn’t there when they said that…

Well, Daniel and Devan are off playing basketball tonight, so Me, Treasa, and Baby Carter are watching Mulan. We lost the remote so we have to watch all the previews. Carter has already lost interest so I don’t have high hopes for the movie catching his attention at all!

The one preview he absolutely loved though was the Winnie the Pooh one… Go figure… Tigger came on and started talking about his Tigger-ish dreams and Carter’s babbles went silent. He’s a Tigger fan just like his mommy! Woot!


Carter showing some interest in Mulan… it only lasted a minute though…

Tomorrow Carter will be six months old! Insane! As a little preview to his six month post, which won’t be until after he goes to the doctor next week, guess what Carter’s new skill is? Crying for Mommy! Not much of a skill I know but man is he good at it. He is always looking for me to make sure I’m around when he goes with anyone, even Daddy. I have to admit I don’t mind too much, it feels good to be needed 🙂 I love my little goober.


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