Birthday Letter

Dear Baby Carter,

You’re six months old!

Thank you for sleeping in until 7:45 today, mommy really needed it. Also, thank you for refraining from screaming at the top of you lungs the second you woke up today (as you’ve been doing the last few days). A level seven scream is plenty loud enough to get mommy moving.

Thank you for smiling when I tell you I love you and being so willing to snuggle up really close when I’m sad.

You are such a cutie pie, it’s ridiculous! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown up! Your babbling almost sounds like words. You are going to say mommy as you first word right? If not that’s okay, as long as the alternative is hippopotamus… lol

I can’t wait to see the amazing little boy you grow up to be. You won’t grow up bigger than that right? You’ll always be small enough to hold and cuddle… right?

Regardless, you will always be my Baby Carter (even when you’re 20).

I love you little munchkin, happy six month birthday!


Your Mommy


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