6 Months

My little goober is 6 months (as I’ve already mentioned) and he is quite the cutie. Everywhere we go people absolutely LOVE him and his cuteness. Mostly it’s his huge eyes and dark head of hair, that draws them in. Then all it takes is one of Carters’ quick smiles and they are hooked. He is still quite the social butterfly, and loves any and ALL attention. My favorite though, is when they say he looks just like his Momma… I like to pretend it’s because they think I am soooo cute! lol

I took Carter to the doctor’s on Wednesday. Here are his measurements:

Weight- 16 pounds 2 oz (25 percentile)

Height- 26 1/2″ (50 percentile)

Head- I don’t know the measurement (75 percentile)

As you can see, I have a skinny baby, of average height, with a really big head! lol It’s ok though, the size of his head explains why he is so smart!

These days he has become quite the talker. Especially at night when its time for bed. Last night we just wanted to play with him all night because he was being so darn cute! I’m fairly certain his first word is going to be Dada. He is really good at that sound. (I’m still rooting for Mama)

He is pretty good at sitting up but still can’t really be left alone without a pillow behind him, just in case.

Tummy time is not really his favorite time of day but he indulges me for a while. He’s actually really good at going in circles on his tummy but does it with his feet in the air. He refuses to put his knees down. I don’t think he’ll be crawling anytime soon, but that’s ok because the house is no where near baby proof yet.

Lately he really loves his toes. He can have all of his toys within arms reach and yet all he wants is his toes. Nonetheless, he still enjoys his apparatus time! He loves kicking his feet and making all the toys rattle and shake. I think some days he would chill under his apparatus all day if I let him!

This kid has so much energy, it is crazy. It has to explain why he is so small. 20121027-131203.jpgHe is constantly exercising his little round legs. It’s a wonder he has managed to hold on to any of his cute baby rolls!

He really is just becoming such a character these days. He’s becoming more and more like a little person. It’s insane and a little scary, but I love it!


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