This year was Carters first Halloween. We had a really good day, the only downside was the fact that he had to take his naps in his car seat, because his nose was so stuffed. I know, I know I got him sick! But in my defense I tried so hard not to. I washed my hands a billion times and tried not to hold him too much. He just hangs out with me too much I suppose.

We started out our Halloween by cleaning all morning long (even sick I’ve been on a cleaning kick). Someone gave Carter a 12 month Halloween shirt and I figured since he probably wouldn’t fit in it next year, that he should wear it this year. He is just adorable, isn’t he?!

Then Daddy came home and the fun began. This year we got to go to our wards trunk-or-treat. It’s a nice safe way to take your little ones trick-or-treating without all the whining about walking and stuff.

I bought two huge bags of candy from Sam’s Club and we almost gave it all out! We may or may not have been snacking on the candy all week long as well…

A lot of people commented on how cute Carter was. His chubby cheeks really shined in his costume. A few people asked if he was a girl! I was sooo offended! haha They said it was because of the hood, but I think if he didn’t have the hood on he still would look the same, no? Maybe moms with girls glue bows in their babies hair so they look like a girl always. I don’t know.

When everyone started packing up and leaving we decided to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Turley and Great Grandma and Grandpa Ferrin. We went to their houses (they live next door to each other) and no one answered.

Turns out they were at the church building down the street. This ward had a full out party! Complete with a chili cook off and costume judging, followed by a trunk-or treat, with games! At the party we saw Carters play pal Paisley! She was dressed up as a Zebra! Sooo cute! Her mom and Daniel were friends back in high school, so I though this picture was perfect!

After chowing down on some chilli, we went outside to watch all the kids trunk-or-treat and to get some goodies from the grandparents. We got a ghost shaped sugar cookie from the bakeshop and a bag of Reese’s Pieces. Baby Carter was having a blast with Daddy. He loves being able to stay up late. There was so much going on plus people kept telling him how cute he was , why wouldn’t he love it!

Before we left Carter got to try on Papa’s wig. I’m not sure what he was dressed up as but he had a massive Afro. I think Carter looked pretty stylin in this wig, don’t you?

We wrapped up the night by going home, making some hot chocolate, and watching the second Harry Potter (well most of it before we turned it off because we were too tired to watch)

It was a good Halloween! One of the best. My favorite part is the fact that I didn’t go to bed with a tummy ache from eating all the candy in the world, like I usually do!

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