I love the weekends. The only problem is that they go by way too fast!

This weekend was a pretty exciting one we went down to Provo to celebrate Melissa’s birthday with her. Me and her are pretty much tighter than skinny jeans… haha Well until Me and Daniel moved out into the middle of nowhere Utah. It’s hard to keep in contact with our Provo peeps. We do our best… I could probably do better…

Before the party we went to get some Pho at Siagon in Provo, mmmm mmmm Pho! And it was super cheap. Like $5 for a bowl, a BIG bowl. Baby Carter was pretty jealous that we got to eat all that good food, so we gave him a lime to suck on. Little did we know, he LOVES limes! Okay we sorta knew because the other day we let him suck on a lemon and he loved it. He is a crazy kid! I guess we’ll never get one of those sour lemon face videos. haha

After that we went to the mall to window shop before Melissa’s party. Daniel and I have recently decided that we could probably do for a little bit of exercise here and there, so we decided to take up running. Our first run was a few days ago, and it felt really good! My sneaker however were not feeling it. They had survived through a half marathon I had run two years ago, annnd my 90 day ’bout doing p90x. They were worn out and showing it. So we decided to check out Famous Footwear at the mall. GENIUS! I found a super cute pair of black and pink work out shoes on clearance for $30. Then I signed up for the rewards club and got 10% off. Grand total, I paid $28 for shoes that originally cost $99!

With my new sweet sneakers on, we headed over to Zupas, and got to spend some time with old friends. Then we went to Melissa’s apartment and had cake and ice cream! Our present was the best, we gave her a cute shirt and undershirt (that Daniel helped pick out), the Justin Bieber Movie, The Untold Story, annnd a family picture of us so she wouldn’t forget what we look like 🙂 It was fun, sometimes I really miss Provo.

Then on Sunday we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa Carters house. I just love it there. It is so nice and relaxing. Carter always seems to really love it too, he was talking up a storm the whole time! We put on his costume so they could see how cute he was for Halloween in person. Then we had dinner. Great Grandpa came for dinner too. Carter always loves seeing him! He is always all smiles for his Great Great Grandpa!

For dinner we had the most moist and delicious pork roast I have ever had! Needless to say there were no leftovers. 😉

Did I meantion while we were at Grandmas, Carter made a new best friend? Haha Muffin was so sweet with Baby Carter. She let him grab her ears, and didn’t even lick his face! My favorite though was when I went to take a picture of them she laid on top of him! hahaha Carter was just like uhhhh Mom, what’s going on? Haha it was really cute!

I really can’t wait to see what fun Carter has with Muffin when he learns to crawl!

p.s. Have I mentioned how much Carter loves to suck on his toes now? He only does it when he thinks we’re not looking though, so I had to take a sneaky picture. haha


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