Chicken Soup for the Soul

Today was a chicken soup kind of day. Although I like it best when Daniel makes it for me I decided to go ahead and make some. I still hadn’t decided what Carter should have for lunch yet, then it hit me, Chicken Noodle soup! This is what it looked like all blended up. Don’t be fooled by this picture, it did not look appetizing at all. There is something about blended meat that is just wrong.

Well after Carter  bravely swallowed a couple spoonfuls, I gave up on it and went back to good ‘ole apple sauce (a meat free food). This made Carter one happy boy!  It also made me feel a little less queasy, I don’t think this kid is ever gonna get meat til he’s three.

Carter loves him some applesauce. He always tries to sneak his fingers into the bowl. Today I was feeling like branching out, I did give him blended meat after all. So I let him help me feed him.

This turned out to be a messy adventure which ended with him flipping the bowl on his bib. It made me smile. Plus, he had a good time, so it was worth it.


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