Baby Carters Room!

If finally happened! We finally moved Baby Carter into his own room! It’s soo cute! He has tons of stuff. Once we put all his stuff in there the room was filled. I haven’t decorated the walls yet but i did put some pictures up on the nails that were already there(we may have just painted over them).



Hows that for a panoramic? Don’t judge! haha

Anyways that night we put him down for bed and as usual he fought it. But he finally settled down and fell asleep. So we tip-toed downstairs and watch a quick tv show before bed. As we were getting into bed I decided I should go check on Baby Carter one more time. I snuck into his room and found him fast asleep (I may or may not have checked to make sure he was breathing). Since all was well, I went downstairs to bed.

As soon as I got downstairs I started bawling. Daniel a bit confused asked me what was wrong. I blubbered for like 10 minutes about how Baby Carter is all grown -up and doesn’t need me anymore. It was kind of silly, but not at that moment.

Carter is just one of the most chill babies in the world. The other day we went to a birthday party full of people he didn’t know. The whole night they passed him around to different people and he was fine, even when he couldn’t see me. Me on the other hand, I was a wreck.

Then today Carter was helping me put away some of his clothes and he lunged out at something and was on his hands and knees! I almost died! I told him he had better not learn to crawl the day after he gets his own room, or I would be one sad momma.

This kid is just growing up too quick.

As a side note: Baby Carter finally likes to take baths! I took a picture to prove it. haha


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