Seven & Sick


So Baby Carter is sick… again!

This poor little kid, he is always getting sick. Lucky for him it is usually just a slightly stuffy nose and that’s it. This time however, he is sick sick. He is all congested and has super phlegmy coughs. We slept him in his carseat last night hoping it would help him breathe, but all night I heard him coughing himself awake. Luckily this kid loves sleep and would just fall straight back asleep… That is until 5:30 this morning when he woke up screaming/ coughing.

He is such a cuddly sick baby. I love it. Normally he is very much independent and will just do his own thing. Lots of times he’ll try to dive out of my arms to grab something.


But this whole stuffy nose thing, he loves to just cuddle up with me and rest. Don’t get me wrong he’s still his crazy self, just not all the time.

Now that Carter has his own room, it’s perfect for running the humidifier. So we are just hanging out in his room today. I have every single toy he loves surrounding him and he is one happy camper. It’s funny how even with a stuffy nose and mean cough this kid is so happy! He is such an example of what we all should be like sick.


Well I was getting onto the internet to tell you all about what trooper this kid is when I realized, today is his 7 month birthday!

Poor kid sick on his birthday and everything! Well he is quite the big boy these days. He still sits up like a mad man! (But he’s been doing that since he was 4 months old.) The really exciting thing he’s been doing is staying on his hands and knees.

Now I may or may not have been practicing it with him for the last week(his friend paisley can already crawl), but he is really good at it. He’s a strong kid, not necessarily coordinated, but really strong. I put him up on his hands and knees and he is really good at holding it.

He has also started diving at things he wants, which usually ends up looking like this




Carter is really getting the hang of the whole talking/babbling thing. His favorite times to be most vocal is during really 20121118-113138.jpgquiet things like church, prayer, and whenever daddy has to make phone calls. Speaking of Daddy guess what Carter’s favorite sound is? Daddadada! He goes on for days about daddy! (Can you say, conspiracy? lol) He’s such a daddy’s boy!

Needless to say, I love my little booger.

Happy Seven Month Birthday! Get better quick so we can have a party!


2 thoughts on “Seven & Sick

  1. Haha, can I tell you how tiring it is to have a six month, now seven month crawler!? As proud as I am, enjoy the cute little head without the goose eggs! Also, they need a playdate so carter can teach paisley how to talk! 🙂 He is super cute as always! I hope he feels better!

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