Thanksgiving Break

It’s been a while! Apparently WordPress has changed since I last posted… Weird. Anyways this is just gonna be a quick catch-up post. 20121130-094444.jpg

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Grandma and Grandpa Carters house. We went up a day early so we could get some extra time “being the favorites” and whatnot. Carter got to watch T.V. which apparently is his favorite thing to do? I don’t know why, we don’t even have T.V. at our house and he won’t watch movies with us. I think its gotta be all the commercials, he was literally glued to the sceen during the commercials. I don’t think we’ll be getting cable any time soon.

All in all, we had a fantastic time at Grandma’s. We played games like Hand & Foot and Bang, ate tons and tons of turkey and ham, and just had a care-free relaxing day with the family!20121130-094510.jpg I may have forgotten to take pictures all day, so you get this: Baby Carter in his millionth outfit of the day, chilling with Daddy. He thought it would be fun to get all the clothes we brought him dirty.

Then on Friday we went to the Turley Thanksgiving party. We were a little late and ended just eating the massive leftovers. Who knew I still had room for more food? Carter especially liked the sweet potatoes. (I probably definitely didn’t take any pictures here either. I’ve been really bad with the camera lately.)


Then on Monday for Family night we went to Temple Square to see the lights! It was soooo cold! Carter was in his stroller under tons of blankets. I think it was the first time he just laid there and didn’t try to escape, he could tell it was too cold to get out from under his blankets.

Lucky for you I actually took pictures! Enjoy!


This is the best picture I got of me and Daniel, sad I know.

SAM_1313 - Copy

I tried to get a picture of Daniel and Carter but he was too enthralled by the lights to look at me.


We may have let him touch one of the lights. No worries the second he tried to rip it from the tree we took it away. haha


Man if only double chins were cute on everyone…

And just for fun, Baby Carter still trying to crawl… He may never get the hang of it… lol



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