Cold Cereal

Daniel has a final in Provo tonight scheduled from 7-10pm. Which factoring in the hour drive home, means he won’t be home til a little after 11… no bueno. As a result, I’m just having cold cereal for dinner. Simple and satisfying. Carter is already out cold so I’m weirdly lonely. Its different to be home alone at night than during the day. Extra quiet? I dunno, but I’m definitely not a fan.

The good news is that this is Daniel’s last test of the semester! Woot woot! Only three more (semesters) to go before we are finally both college graduates! Carter will only be… oh you know… two… no biggie. lol

20121213-200734.jpgSpeaking of Carter, have I mentioned how cute and sweet he is? Sometimes I forget and only focus on what a menace he can be, but he really is such a good kid. Sure he is sometimes tired and crabby, but aren’t we all? Lately this kid has been super expressive, especially with his eyes. It makes me laugh. He can pull off an angry face like no other!

Welp, I better get back to my cereal, (it’s getting soggy) and maybe after that, I’ll go clean my room which is kinda of gigantic mess? …Nah on second though I think I’ll just snuggle up in a blanket on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls til Daniel get home 🙂

P.s. Have I mentioned what an artist Carter is? Check out his latest work. Pretty much the Pollock of our day, no?



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