Guess what?!?

No we’re not having twins, are you crazy? haha

Today I got to watch Carter’s best friend Paisley. She is a little younger than Carter, but only by like 12 days (I think). Anyways, I got to watch Miss Paisley all day (as opposed to a few hours in the evening) and I have to admit it was kind of like having twins. That being said I don’t know how moms do it, especially when they have other kids to tend. 102_0945It seemed all day when one would stop crying the other would start whining. Carter being the extremely jealous type, would cry every time I was holding Paisley and not him. And poor Paisley, who’s not use to being at our house during the day, cried every time I stood up or walked out of the room.

All in all though, once we all got the hang of it, they played really nicely together for the majority of the time. 102_0956It’s pretty funny to watch Carter with other babies. He is so gentle and soft, which is definitely not how he is to his mommy. He also is pretty passive and didn’t mind that Paisley kept taking the toys he was playing with. She’s the kind of girl who knows what she wants. lol

Paisley is quite the energy ball. She can crawl and pull herself up onto furniture. She is also pretty tough, 102_0950she would fall on her bum or bonk her head while crawling, and just keep going. She’s quite the resilient little thing. She is also very particular about things, which I’m not use to with Carter. She likes her food heated up, at least I think that’s why she got so ticked at me when I tried to feed her room temperature food. haha Carter on the other hand will eat about anything now, as long as its sweet enough102_0968 (even vegetables).

You wanna hear something pretty spectacular though? They both took their naps at the same time. What a blessing! I had time to take a shower, eat lunch, and do some dishes! Paisley even napped longer than usual… It must be because I’m  her favorite 😉

It really was a pretty fun day. And I mean, look at these two… 102_0972They are soo cute! How can you not just love hanging out with them all day? haha


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