Pictures of You… Pictures of Me…

So I have a confession.

I sometimes avoid being in pictures because of the way I look. I was recently reading a blog about how mom’s avoid taking pictures with their kids because of the way they look. It really hit close to home.

I have millions of pictures of Baby Carter, hundreds of Baby Carter and Daniel, and about three of Baby Carter and me. Three.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe not?

This makes four.

And the thing is, ten years from now, Carter isn’t going to care what I looked like. He won’t care that I’ve gained a couple pounds or that the hair I lost after he was born is growing back and sticks up in funny ways. He’ll know that I was there for him and cared about him.

So I decided to take up a challenge this year, to try to take at least one picture of Carter and me a month. So when he’s grown up he can look back and remember us. He can remember that I am there for him. He can remember how we were (and always will be) the best of friends.



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