Letting Go

So I don’t consider myself a overly protective mother, but as of late I just can’t help it. Now that Carter’s crawling I worry about what floors he crawls on and how clean it is. I worry he’ll find something and put it in his mouth and choke. I worry he’ll pull on a cord and get electrocuted or pull a lamp on his head. I also worry about the foods I give him? Is he eating enough? Should I be giving him more solids? The list goes on…

SAM_1371I just can’t help it. Look at this kid! He is stinkin adorable! But don’t be fooled by his cute little face, he is also really mischievous! Today I found him rooting through the garbage and sucking on an orange peel. At least it was an orange peel right? Oh and yesterday Daniel put some peanut M&M’s on the floor for a second. Big mistake. Next thing we know Carter is sitting next to them happily sucking on a brown one. lol Who knew he would try his first M&M at nine months???

And it’s things like that, that worries me. I’m with him everyday and I turn my back for a second and he is getting into trouble. How can I leave him with someone else?SAM_1360 He’s sneaky! How can I leave him with someone else?

Well on Saturday me and Daniel went on our first “real” date since Carter was born. Dinner and a Movie, while Carter stayed home with a sitter. Daniel’s younger sister to be more specific. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little stressed about it… Ok, a lot stressed.

I’m just so use to taking Carter with us everywhere. He’s such a good kid when we go out, so he just always comes with us. Shoot, I even took him to the movies with me when he was a couple weeks old.

But I’m happy to report, that I didn’t call home once to check on him. I did check my phone quite a few times, just in case something was wrong, but that’s not too bad right?

I just love this little booger too much to leave him behind. Sometimes when we go places with out him, like the temple, I always look back in the car to check on him. Only to remember he’s not there.

I know I have to let him grow-up, but its so hard. He’s my baby! A friend of mine asked me if I was thinking of having a baby any time soon. In fact, quite a few people have asked me if I’m having another one soon. The thing is, I already HAVE a baby! Baby Carter! I refuse to let him grow-up. He needs to stay little forever. Can’t he just stay little forever?



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