9 months!

SAM_1412Carter is 9 months old! Well at this point I can almost go as far as to say 10 months… haha But better late than never.

Part of my waiting so long to post this is the fact that his doctors appointment wasn’t until yesterday. We went in on a weird day. Apparently all their phones were down so it was a pretty slow day. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Carter’s doctor though? If you are looking for a Pediatrician in the West Jordan Area look no further! Dr Keith Ramsey is the best! Everyone in his office is super friendly, and I feel like they really know me and Carter. They even called me to tell me Dr. Ramsey was stuck in traffic and would be late, because they knew I live kind of far away and didn’t want me to have to come out and end up waiting.


Post bath hair…

Anyways we went in for his wellness visit and got his measurements:

Height- 27 1/4 inches- 20th percentile

Weight- 18 pounds 8 oz- 20th percentile

And just a tidbit, his head circumference is still in the 75 percentile.

He’s like the dinosaur on Meet the Robinsons. “I have a big head and little arms!” lol No worries though the doctor says he is growing quite proportionally which is good.

This visit, compared to his 6 month one, Carter was a lot more leery of the doctor. It may be because he had recently gone in and had to be tested for RSV? I dunno, all I know is that this kid put up a fight every time the doctor tried to touch him. Lately Carter has been really whiny and I thought it was just because of his stuffy nose. (Have I mentioned how Carter is sick again? Man, the winter is really getting the best of him.) However, I came to find out that he actually has an ear infection, possibly in both ears? Carter didn’t let the doctor look long enough in his ear, but one ear infection was evidence enough.

SAM_1418So now we have Carter on some yummy pink medicine that he gobbles up like candy! After the appointment though this kid was inconsolable. He just was kinda sobbing and sniffling as if he had been hurt in an unfixable way. So while I was setting up Carter’s follow-up appointment the Nurse came over and asked if he wanted a ball. We picked the yellow one, and Carter was instantly fixed! It just a cheap rubbery ball with pokey things on it, but he loves it.  When I tried to take it away for a second to get him in his car-seat, he screamed.Photo234

I’ve never seen him so attached to a toy. When we got back from the doctors I put it on the floor and he happily spent and hour or so chasing it on the floor and climbing on it. He especially likes when I bounce it. He will literally scream with excitement. Video to come soon? Maybe when he’s no longer sick.

SAM_1424Lately it seems all Carter has been is sick. Winters are now my least favorite season. But truth be told it kinda always has been. I am anxiously awaiting the day we can go outside and have a picnic! Sometimes I feel like me AND Carter get a little stir crazy stuck inside all day. That and the fact that he is sick almost constantly is reason enough to dislike winter. Guess where he sleeps these days? In his car-seat! Its so sad because he was really liking the fact that he could crawl around his crib and be mischievous. Now I have to buckle him in and have the humidifier running 24/7. Oh well. He can’t be sick forever

Other than our doctor’s visit, not much has changed around here. Carter is as mischievous as ever. He can crawl at crazy speeds and loves to follow me around the house. He also really likes to play in his room on his own which is really nice for me.

Photo220I think Carter is really wanting to walk now. He likes to pull himself up on everything, especially mom.

He also has become quite the drooly monster. It was like overnight he started drooling EVERYWHERE! He literally drenches all of his clothes, and mine! Daniel thinks its because he is sick and has to breathe out of his mouth all day. I have no idea, I just know that it is A LOT of drool.

Well, for Christmas my sister sent me a “drool bib” for Carter and I was like what do I need this for? Needless to say I now let Carter cruise around the house in his drool bib that says, “My Auntie knows Santa.” haha Thanks Courtney!

Finally, just for fun… Here’s a little reminder of just how small Carter use to be

Carter at just a few days old:Photo087

Carter now:SAM_1426

He has grown sooo much. He even said cheese when I took this picture! It’s really crazy how time flies. I’m just grateful to have survived another month with this monkey. He really is such a cutie, don’t you think?


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