Family Night

On Monday we went to the happiest place on earth… Scheels-300x225

Haha. You read that right, we went to Scheels, a sporting goods store! Oh but it was sooo much more that just a sporting goods store! I had heard they had a Ferris Wheel inside and thought that was all, boy was I wrong! As we walked in there was a HUGE fish tank with tons of fish! Carter absolutely loved it! He stared at the fish and the water and the lights for 10 minutes! Photo280They has lots of really cool tropical fish. It was so funny because the one fish that everyone (including us) got really excited about, was a blue one that looked like Dori from Finding Nemo!

I don’t know if you can tell from that picture but there was, in fact, a huge Ferris Wheel in the center. Sadly, you have to be three feet tall to ride, Carter being the little guy he is, probably won’t get to ride the Ferris Wheel until he’s ten! haha The store was so big, we were a little bummed that we got there an hour before they closed. As we walked around we saw tons of really cool stuff. They had huge sections of BYU and U of U gear, for both men and woman. They also had lots of other teams too, like football and basketball teams.

We decided my Dad could probably spend hours in this store just looking at the Raiders stuff!

We made our way over to the kids clothes and found a Dance Dance Revolution game and a Play Place for little kids to climb all over and in…sweet! Also, I fell in love with some of the clothes they had there. I’m not gonna lie I was temped to get some super cute sports clothes for Carter, but alas its not really in our budget.20130213-152222.jpg

They had lots of fancy everyday clothes like shirts and pants for men and woman, as well as a shoe section! I took one look at the price of a cute purple shirt (on clearance) and steered myself right out of there. I’m sorry but any shirt that use to be $88 and is now $50, is not for me.

We then proceed to go upstairs! They have tons and tons and TONS of sports equipment upstairs. They had a whole wall of basketballs (which Daniel LOVED) along with hoops and clothes and shoes. I think they have every type of sport and hunting equipment you could want, including bowling.

Speaking of bowling did I mention they had  a bowling alley? Just a small one with two lanes, but still! Did I mention they have a restaurant there too? There was also tons of  cool photo opts throughout the whole store!

My absolute favorite was this one!


Lol Carter just looks so excited to be face to face with a huge bear! Maybe we won’t take him camping where there are bears anytime soon huh?

We were just amazed at how awesome Scheels was. There were games you could play scattered throughout the upstairs. As well as lots of cool statues. 20130213-152229.jpgDaniel said Scheels won his vote when we came across an Abraham Lincoln Statue, that was giving the Gettysburg Address. (It’s his favorite President.) We decided that Scheels could be the ultimate date night.

There was just a really good atmosphere. Everywhere we went someone asked us how we were doing and if we needed help. It had a little bit of everything and definitely left us wanting to come back. We even found the perfect gift for Grandpa Martinez! (Shhh! Don’t tell him! I don’t think he reads this…)

So long story short… Scheels is awesome and we will definitely be going back!


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