Have you ever had those days when everything just seems hopeless? Where you feel like everything is going in slow motion and you are trying so hard to do SOMETHING but you can’t even move?

I washed a bunch of Carters new white onesies with some pink sheets. I don’t know why I thought it would be fine, but now I have a million pink onesies that say otherwise.

Lately things have just been hard. I do endless batches of laundry only to have to rewash them when I forget to switch the loads. I do dishes for two hours everyday only to find the kitchen in the same state of chaos the next day. I change diapers, give baths, and try to force endless green beans into Carters mouth, only to give up and let him eat Cheerios instead.

So here I am feeling sorry for myself and Carter crawls up to me with a big smile on his face. Man this kid knows how to brighten my day. One slimy kiss later, which tends to be more of a lick than an actual kiss, I’m left wondering…

What on earth am I complaining about?Photo319





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