Sickness, Life, and Paper Flowers

20130310-195846.jpgIt seems like we can’t go longer than a few weeks with out getting sick around here. This time I have no idea where it came from. On Thursday Carter had a runny nose and that was it. Then on Friday I got a sore throat, which turned into a full fledged, fever, stuffy nose, cough, shivering, I want to die sickness, on Saturday. It hit so fast and hard it was ridiculous. Well today Daniel is down for the count. Although I have to admit he is a lot less dramatic when he is sick than me. lol

So what’s been happening around here besides sickness?

Well first off. We are moving! Where you might ask? Well back to Provo of course. I have mixed feeling about this move and have definitely had my fair share of concerns, tears, and sleepless night about it. (Like I said, I’m a little dramatic.) 20130310-195732.jpgBut we found a place that we really like, with lots of space, at an affordable price… who could ask for more? And even though we have to wait until May, possibly the end of May, it feels right and I know its for the best.

In other news, last Sunday we went to Remi’s baby blessing up in Logan! It was fun! Carter really likes to interact with other kids, even if they just think he is a nuisance. I didn’t take any pictures, except for this one of Carter playing with Remi’s toy! lol I thought it was funny. I also may or may not really really REALLY want a little girl right now! Babies are so cute!!!

Carter still isn’t walking. I think he’s pretty content with crawling right now. 20130310-195929.jpgHowever, he did get a sweet walker from his Grandma and Grandpa Turley. It’s an early birthday present and gives him some freedom when I work at the Bakery. He hasn’t really mastered walking in it yet. He just kinda sits in it and occasionally scoots backwards. I’m sure as soon as he gets the hang of it he’ll love it even more than he already does!

Let’s see what else? Me and Daniel spent about three hours making a million paper flowers for a Relief Society Activity. I may or may not have volunteered myself to make them and then put it off until three20130310-195825.jpg days before the activity. It’s okay though because it was fun and the flowers came out soo pretty! 🙂 Also Carter loved “helping me” with the stems, by throwing them all over the room. He really is such a little stinker!

Other than that life has just been the same old, same old. We are enjoying our last few week (months?) in Magna, while still definitely looking forward to our own place!

And just for fun…

Today I caught Baby Carter snuggling up with his blanket in hall.  20130310-195745.jpgAs soon as he saw me he sat up and gave me a guilty, “I’m not tired ” face lol Silly Boy!20130310-195901.jpg


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