11 Months

SAM_1493My little monkey in 11 months old! It’s crazy to think that in a month he will be one! He’s grown so much but at the same time I still think of him as a baby… But a one year old, that’s not so much baby territory anymore.

He is such a silly kid, especially when Daddy is around. His favorite game these days is to charge daddy head on! He also just learned how to blow kisses! (Daniel taught him yesterday) He is a quick learner and is pretty good at following simple directions, like if I ask him to hand me something or share. He especially loves to share his binky and tries to shove it into everyone’s mouth.


If you click on this picture you can see his two bottom teeth! (You can also see the food he has stored away in his cheek lol)

He loves to walk around everywhere now! Just as long as he’s holding on to something. I sometimes find him in the hallway just walking along the wall. He hasn’t quite gotten brave enough to walk around without holding on to something, but I think his crawling days are quickly coming to an end, which will be perfect for summer!

He also knows when he is doing something he’s not suppose to and he responds one of two ways: 1) HeSAM_1515 throws, whatever it is he has and shouldn’t, across the room and crawls away as fast as he can or 2) He laughs and continues trying to do whatever it is he shouldn’t. It’s actually pretty funny. Recently he discovered the diapers I keep stacked under the changing table. It’s now his favorite game to try to take them off and throw them across the room. He will grab them off the shelf and look right at me to make sure I see him before he throws it. Its so funny, I think I probably encourage him through my stifled laughs, rather than discourage him. lol

Carter has also been cultivating his new talent of piano playing. He is now just tall enough to reach the keys and he LOVES it. He will reach up and play a few keys and then scream for joy! I’m pretty sure he’s on his way to becoming a famous pianist! haha Even if he’s no good at it, people will probably still love him because he is so dang cute! (like his mama… right Laura? :p)

Carter also has a new favorite toy… Ok so he has a few favorite toys. SAM_1475But most recently, he got a new ball. We saw it at the store and had to get it for him. Remember how excited he was about his little ball? Well let’s just say this new ball was exponentially exciting (when it wasn’t chasing him across the room that is). He also has a new favorite hobby. Orange stealing… He loves to go into the kitchen and steal one of Treasa and Devan’s oranges from the box on the floor. He will then spend the next twenty minutes just throwing it across the room and chasing it.SAM_1484 I think he really likes the thump noise it makes. He also likes to take some time to smell/lick the orange, just for good measure. Two birds, one stone, food and toy… best toy EVER!

In other, somewhat not Carter related news, Daniel and I have decided to run a half marathon together, so we ordered a running stroller online.  It just happened to coSAM_1463me yesterday right as we were going for our run so we got to use it as soon as it arrived. It was really easy to put together and was literally out of the box and out the door in five minutes. And on my goodness, what a difference it made! I’m pretty sure we ran twice as fast with this stroller. It’s so smooth and easy to manage! We were using just his regular stroller before, but there is really no comparison to this new stroller. It is seriously one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. I love it!

Carter, doesn’t yet know how he feels about the stroller. He always sits really still and pretty quietly during our runs. I don’t know if he is just taking it all in, or somewhat terrified, but when he does make nosise they seem somewhat approving. He did however LOVE one aspect of the stroller…


The box it came it was a blast!

p.s. Here’s a video of Carter playing catch with Daddy. Just him being ambidextrous and whatnot… no biggie 😉 (sorry it’s so dark)



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