Yesterday Daniel and I were long over due for a date/temple night. So we asked Daniel’s sister who lives nearby to watch Carter for us. Well when we got back to pick Carter up, we got to see some pictures of what they did while we were out.

First they played with a blue purse. Carter thought maybe it was ok, it was blue after all.


Then he got a pink purse and like a true boy he gave it his best judgement face.


However give this kid pink heels and he is pleasantly entertained…Who doesn’t like shiny pink heels?


But I think the highlight of his night was the nail polish box! Good thing they didn’t have time to paint each others nails. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have to have a girl next or else Carter’s aunt is gonna turn him into a girl!


The funniest part is that Carter never sees this kind of stuff at home. We’re all about diaper bags and functional shoes around here. lol


One thought on “Brainwashed

  1. Dude I didn’t know you blogged so often…I’m going to have to start reading this as often as I check for score updates on espn score center. Baby carter wishes he could play with me and my cool toys way more often. He told me to tell you he wants a sister.

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