Regionals and March Madness

So on Saturday Treasa told me that our stake was trying to put together a basketball team or two to go to regionals. At first I was reluctant to commit because quite honestly I’m not a good basketball player. Daniel says I’m a great shot, buSAM_1541t put a defender in front of me and *BAM* suddenly I’m a terrible shot.  And don’t even ask me about how well I can dribble the ball…

Anyways I finally decided to commit. So we went to a practice on Tuesday and it was lots of fun. Sure we were no professional team with plays and whatnot, but man there are some really good players in our stake. Well after a great practice, we had two teams and our first game on Thursday.

Fast forward to today. Game Day. We had all eight people on our team show up, and we were pumped (I was really scared…). The other team only had five people show up so we were a little bit excited that we could just wear them out and win. HA! Little did we know that they were on a team that has gone to regionals and won ten years in a row.SAM_1548 Ten years!?!? Seriously??? So pretty much just getting out there and playing was an accomplishment.

I went out confident because Daniel and I had practiced my shot before, but I still did terrible… Oh well I made one basket! I even fouled twice*. I thought we had a great team! I only got to play with these lovely ladies twice (I didn’t know any of them besides Treasa until Tuesday) but I think I made some great friends. They were all good sports and quite honestly better at the game then me.

In the end we lost 34-12 (I think) not bad for a one practice team 😉

In other news/the reason I have to post this blog tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon sometime, we checked our March Madness Brackets when we got home. I’m in the 100th percentile baby! Woot woot! UntitledCalled three upset (including Harvard). Daniel, who is in the 50th percentile, has now vowed never to make a bracket against me again. haha There’s something about knowing nothing about basketball that really makes for good bracket picking! I can’t wait until Baby Carter can make a bracket too… Then we’ll both smoke Daddy :p

*Sidenote: For the record BOTH of the fouls were terrible calls aka not really fouls. And an interesting fact; the referee was Daniels’ 10th grade math teacher who wouldn’t let him sign up for concurrent enrollment in math because he had a B, not an A. He later ended up taking the AP Calculus test and passing. We now both have grudges against her… lol


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