Easter Weekend

20130410-114140.jpgI know this post is super late but I figure better late than never.

We had a really good Easter this year! First, on Saturday we spent some time with Daniel’s family. Every Easter they have a picnic at the park (which is much more pleasant than the picnic they have every President’s Day). This year was exceptionally good weather and Carter got his quarter-Mexican tan on! Haha

They have this tradition that they roll their hard boiled eggs down a big hill in the park. Apparently the seagulls are smarter than you might think, or just really hungry. They come swarming the second they hear those eggs go crack and gobble them up! It then becomes a game (mostly by the young boys) 20130410-114154.jpgto chase after the seagulls and watch them scatter! Carter wasn’t quite big enough to join in, in that sense, but I think he will have a ball next year!

One of Carter’s favorite things though, is throwing anything and everything, so we thought he would LOVE rolling his eggs down the hill! No such luck. He held onto those two eggs we gave him for dear life! Silly kid! Oh well, maybe next year as well…

SAM_1594After the picnic we headed up to Morgan to spend the evening and Sunday with my grandparents. It was really nice. We got to see lots of family on Sunday and ate tons of ham! When I got up Sunday morning I found Carter reading the morning paper with Grandpa. Grandpa Carter is so silly that Baby Carter always loves hanging out with him!

One interesting problem we had to deal with during the weekend was that we forgot to bring Carter’s play pen to sleep/nap in. We thought maybe we could get by sleeping him in his car-seat since he slept in it so much whenever he was sick. This was a complete bust. He screamed and screamedSAM_1615 until we gave in a took him out. So instead of the car-seat we made him a little fort of pillows with his blankets in the middle. I thought for sure that he would crawl right out. Buuut I guess since it was so dark and so late he curled right up and went to sleep. (He likes to sleep on his tummy, which is why he didn’t want to sleep in his car-seat.)

Anyways the next day when his nap time rolled around I again thought that he would crawl out of the “nest” we made him. But I laid him down and he went straight to sleep. I later went up to check on him and his head was completely covered but he was fast asleep! haha Silly kid!

SAM_1602We also got to give Carter his marshmallow Easter Piggy on Sunday! It was sooo cute and reminded me a lot of Baby Carter (man that kid can eat). It was the only candy we thought he could handle since jelly beans and other small candies are a big no no for babies. We were sooo excited to give it to him because he never gets candy so we thought he would freak out over the delicious sweetness of his candy pig.

But apparently that sweet tooth he inherited from his mommy only goes so far. He took two good sized bites out of the pig and was done! SAM_1613He wanted real food instead! I guess we won’t have to worry about those two bottom teeth getting cavities anytime soon. As for the piggy, he met his end in the trash can. Both Daniel and I couldn’t eat it either, it was waaay too sweet! lol

All in all Easter was great! I love holidays that focus on the Savior. It gives me a chance to reflect on all that my Savior has done for me. It also renews my strength to strive to always be better today than I was yesterday. I really have been soo blessed and am thankful for all that I have. Happy (late) Easter!

And just for fun… Here’s a video of Carter that we took on Friday.

Staying up late + Daddy = One Silly Baby!


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