One Year

Ok everyone,SAM_1630 brace yourself, I’m a proud momma with lots of pictures and lots to say!

Today is Baby Carter’s first birthday! We made it through the first year! Woot! It really seems like just a few weeks ago I had tiny (extremely tiny) newborn with no idea what I was suppose to do. Now I’m a “seasoned” mom who still doesn’t really have a clue as to what I’m doing. I do know one thing though, I love this little kid to death!

Celebrating Carter’s birthday today is pretty low key. He’s still somewhat sick, is just barely SAM_1661back on solids, and is limited to the bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. As a result, we decided to have french toast for breakfast, that’s toast right? I have to admit I put a little syrup on Carter’s toast though… It’s his birthday after all. Our plates on the other hand were much more extravagant. Yay for fancy celebration breakfasts! (fancy being the strawberries lol)

The meal was definitely Carter approved. He loved his french toast and ate the entire slice! He was even willing to share a little… or maybe he was asking for more syrup? lolSAM_1656

After Breakfast it was present time! We got him a stackable xylophone.  He loved it! He got to bang on it and make lots of noise with Daddy. SAM_1664

Then he got to open the presents he got from “Grama and Granpa Martinez”. He was so funny while he opened them. He wouldn’t rip the paper, so we tore it open a little bit. Then he just peered inside to see what it was. He really loved all the presents he got. He just loves to roll balls around the house. He also likes to throw and kick them! Here are some of the millions of pictures I took!

I love having a one year old. Although I admit it feels a little surreal. Where did my baby go?

Well the good news is that he is still here. In fact while he was sick it was like having a newborn all over again.2 He was just feeling miserable and wanted to be held/carried around the house all day long! The only saving grace was that he was so cute and cuddly, I couldn’t even be mad at him for not letting me get anything done. This picture pretty much exemplifies how he’s felt the past few days. Luckily he is doing lots better and getting back to being his healthy happy self, smiles included!

Carter is such a good boy. He is super independent and loves to go exploring. He has recently accepted the pricklywalk gross feeling of grass and is willing to crawl all over it. I’m still hoping he gets walking soon, because I can only imagine the grass stains of crawling everywhere! lol

He is so close to walking but at the same time not. He took his first steps a while ago but has no desire to do it again. He just prefers walking along walls and crawling. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it soon.

As for his personality, Carter is a goof-ball! He is just so silly and his silliness intensifies as soon as Daddy gets home. Sure I can act like a frog and make him giggle, but Daniel is the only one who can get Carter to roll on the floor in hysterical laughing fits!

He is such a cutie and is such a blessing in our lives! We’re so glad for every moment we get to spend and share with this little monkey!

SAM_1627Happy 1st Birthday Munchkin! We love you!


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