Vegetable of the Week…

(Old post!!!)

So I may or may not have done this vegetable of the week like two weeks ago…meh you can’t win them all. Anywho for this edition of vegetable of the week I chose a green type plant that is covered in pokies…. any guesses???

Cactus leaf

Kudos to anyone who guessed it. As I was pa-rousing the veggie aisle at Winco a few weeks ago, I came across this delicacy! Truth be told I’ve never eaten cactus. Never… ever! So much for being half-Mexican huh? I blame my Dad lol. Anyways, I bought 4 “leafs” and headed on my merry way.

Well fast forward to four days later and I may or may not have completely forgotten about my cactus…

(…what happened with this cactus I will never know, but I think  we ate it with rice and it was good??? lol)


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