It’s been a while!

So it really has been forever since I last blogged… I blame Baby Carter. But realistically we don’t have Internet at our new apartment yet so I haven’t really had the opportunity. It’s so strange because even though it’s been so long since I last blogged, I don’t have much to say.
Here’s a picture of Carter eating his first pb&j:


Yeah, we’re classy like that… Other than that Carter is getting bigger annnd cuter. He’s such a ladies man, he’s got the flirty face down to an art. I think I’ll lock him up when he gets old enough to date! Lol

Here’s some pictures of our life as of late… for my mom.

Happy Sunday!

Daniel and Carter working in the garden.

Carter in his first fort.

Napping in his big boy carseat. He’s so grown-up!

Bonfire at grandma and grandpa Carter’s house.

Visiting Carter’s great great great (great?) grandparents graves.


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