If you had asked me five years ago, what I expected my life to be like on my twenty-fifth birthday, I don’t think I would have even come close!

I am soo grateful for everything I have been blessed with. I have a fantastic husband who treats me like a queen, an adorable little boy who I love to pieces, and another little one on the way! I get to stay home and play with Carter, as well as try new exciting things like canning! I really am blessed!

This year I got a birthday month, which means I get a present everyday for the whole month!!! Although I have to admit, at only nine days in we might have to call it quits. (Too much spoiling can be a bad thing you know :p) Plus I’ve gained like ten pounds off all the candy and treats I’ve gotten. Lol

Long story short, I love my life and I love all the people who make it so great! Thanks for all the birthday wishes they mean a lot to me 🙂

As usual, here are a bunch of picture of Carter ( mostly for my parents), so enjoy!









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