Sometimes you just need a small victory to make a long day seem a little less hard. Tonight for dinner Carter ate a WHOLE plate of roasted butternut squash and brown rice! I am just so proud of him! He is finally starting to get it, you know?


Anyways, as small as that victory is, it definitely made my day. Butternut squash! Major win here! The entire summer I’ve been trying to get this kid to eat more variety, especially in the veggie department. Usually he wont even try unfamiliar things/spits it out the second it hits his mouth!

Lately Carter has just been growing and developing at lightning speed. It seems like over night he started talking and interacting on a more complex level. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a genius baby putting together full sentences, but he can repeat almost any word (to some extent) that we throw at him. He is also getting really good at remembering what something is after I tell him once. I have a hunch he’s gonna be like his daddy on the memory front. I can’t remember anything… but this kid never forgets! Our favorite new game while reading his books (that we’ve read 100 times) is to point out different things, like “Where’s the moon?” or “What sound does the horse make?”. I just love how much he’s learning! I’m so excited for him!SAM_2156

We also have recently taken up coloring too. I think I started a little bit behind the curb, because I saw kids younger than him at church coloring. But whenever I’d give Carter a crayon, he would just end up throwing it… Usually at other people. Lately he is getting really good though!  I usually color with him, which gives me an excuse to just sit and enjoy his company and he is getting so good honing in his attention for longer than a minute or two.

The bigger he gets, it seems like the “easier” he is?  Easier is the wrong word, he definitely still knows how to push my buttons and is as mischievous as ever! But as he gets better at communicating and understanding, it just makes my job a little easier, you know?

P.S. /Random Story: Today while I was cutting up an apple for Carter’s lunch, he was quietly playing by my feet in the kitchen, which is always nice. When I finished his lunch, I put him in his high chair, got him all situated and noticed red drips on his tray. At first I thought it was jam? But he didn’t have jam today. Then I look at Carters hands and they are covered in blood!!! I grab a paper towel and wipe his hands, thinking he must have a pretty big cut to have that much blood…  Low and behold he had a tiny papercut  type nick on the tip of his finger. It was soo small, I could not believe how much it was bleeding. So I go to the bathroom to see if we had any small band-aids to put on it and I see blood smears all over the kitchen floor! I don’t mean to gross anyone out but there was a lot of blood  and all over! Apparently, Carter had taken the food processor blade out of the drawer (its a circular one that you put in to grate cheese and whatnot) and was playing with it. At some point he cut himself but just kept on playing, hence the blood everywhere. I had to triple check him for more cuts. I could not believe such a tiny cut could make such a mess. Long story short, Carter is a bleeder and I am not looking forward to the day he actually gets a bad cut.


3 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Sounds like you are the new “Captain Vegetable”. Way to rescue Carter from his candy and replace it with delicious veggies instead. I’m sure he’s just as thrilled as Mandy (who likes candy) was. Haha 🙂

    • Hahaha I think I will need to convince him to eat more green veggies before I can truly become Captain Vegetable. Annnnnd Mandy was crazy! No one is THAT happy when a plate of candy turns into broccoli! lol

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