Big Boy

So I’ve been looking for a couple weeks for a booster seat for Carter. He’s been climbing up to the table and sitting on the chairs like a big boy, so I figured I better get on it sooner than later. Well, in my searching I came across the cutest toddler bed ever! It was a blue car one, and since Carter LOVES cars, I just had to have it.. for him 😉

Well beds like that are pretty pricey, but we figured we could get one and give it to him as his main Christmas present. (Last year we got him a big boy car seat. lol)  Buuuut I was finally able to find one for only $40! Can you say affordable!? So we got it! I think this bed was more for me than Carter because I couldn’t wait until Christmas to set it up for him, so we set it up and switched his bed that night!SAM_2224

Isn’t it so cute! I love it sooo much! So now Carter sleeps in a big boy bed. The great thing is, that he loves sleep so much that he only got up once on the first night. Last night was his second night in his new bed and he slept until 8:30!


And look at that face! How could I not get him an awesome bed like this! haha I have a feeling Carter isn’t really gonna be a fan of the new baby… Then again, chances are I’m still gonna love spoiling him just as much then as I do now. 😉

In other news, I went to the doctor’s yesterday. I finally gained weight for this appointment, which I knew would happen considering I’ve eaten my weight in Reese’s and other chocolate-y things. I’m 25 weeks and am measuring right at 25 cm. He said the baby’s heartbeat was 150 which is right in the middle of a healthy heartbeat range. So far so good. I am so grateful to be blessed with such “by the book” pregnancies. I tend to stress a lot about everything, so its definitely one of Heavenly Father’s tender mercies.

Other than that life is pretty normal. We took some family pictures on Saturday. Daniel’s sister Treasa took them, and even though Carter was being anything but cooperative, she got some really good ones! I’ll have to blog about that when she finishes editing them for us. 🙂

P.S. This weekend is the Gluten-Free Expo in Sandy. It’s gonna be awesome! We are making TONS of samples to pass out. Plus, Carter’s picture might be on a banner for the bakery! haha Talk about famous huh?! Anyways, Eleanor’s Bake Shop is where it’s at! Stop by our booth on Saturday and see for yourself.



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