Since Daniel is out of town we’ve been doing a lot to try and keep busy. Today we ran some errands I’ve been meaning to for a loooong time! I have a credit card with my maiden name on it that has been expired for, ohhh you know, three years. Lol Anyways at the bank the tellers all fell in love with baby Carter. He really has one of those sweet, look how cute I am faces!


So first he just got a lollipop which he reluctantly accepted. Then while I was getting my info changed, the tellers were playing peekaboo with Carter and telling him how cute he is! Finally, when we were ready to leave one teller asked if he liked balls, which of course is his favorite kind of toy. So they gave him a small squishy basketball!!! Talk about spoiled.


After the bank, we went to get some pizza for lunch. (We have to splurge a little while Daddy is gone) So I ordered a pizza, next thing I know the guy at the register is offering Carter some cookies! I didn’t even know pizza places did cookies… But Carter got two bags just for being alive/ adorable. Lol

I wish I got free stuff for being so cute… I guess that only worked back when I was dating.  😉

We also took a short trip to the park. It was a little chilly but in the sun it was so warm I had to take off my jacket. Carter liked it but I think he likes playing at the park more with his Daddy. I’m not as big on lifting him up over and over to go down the slides like his Dad.SAM_2281

So far, a great day! Too bad it’s only one so we still have a lot of day left to fill… Maybe we’ll go back to the park after nap time…


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