I seem to fall behind on this whole blogging thing a lot! There’s too much to catch up on so I’m just gonna give a short explanation and some pictures.

While Daniel was gone for a week in Miami me and Carter went up to visit my Grandparents for a couple days. It was a good change of scenery for a couple days and really helped me and Carter handle not having Daddy around. We drove up to Heber where g-ma and g-pa were camping and had burgers and shakes at Dairy Keen!  So yummy! Carter liked the train.


Then we drove with G-ma to Morgan that evening. We ended up having to take a back road because the freeway was closed and I had my first run in with a deer! It ran right into the road and I had to slam on my breaks not to hit it. Kinda a big deal for me! Needless to say I drove reeeeeeally slow the rest of the way home.

We got to spend three days in Morgan and had so much fun! We went out for pizza and Carter got to drive a shopping cart car at the grocery store! We also spent lots of time exploring outside g-ma and g-pa’s house. I love how much space Carter has to run and play when we go visit. We even got the special treat of celebrating Carter’s second cousins’ birthday with him!!! Jace turned three and he had quite the birthday party! Tons of presents, birthday cake, ice cream, and even a pinata; pretty much all the things you could want for your birthday.


Another thing I meant to blog about was Carter’s first pumpkin carving experience. He was so excited and still loves to yell “pun kin!” whenever he sees a pumpkin. But the whole idea of cutting open a pumpkin and cleaning out the inside was not his cup of tea. He’s like his dad and hates when he gets his hands dirty. Once we got the pumpkin all carved we all took turns taking a picture with the pumpkin. Carter would have NO part! He wouldn’t get within a foot of the pumpkin. Haha Oh well, maybe next year.


We also took Carter to a corn maze this year. Last year was his first time and he was sooo little, we had to carry him the whole time and he didn’t really care for it much. This year we went during the day and the weather was perfect! It  was also a LOT less crowded and so much more fun! Carter got to run around like crazy in the maze and I didn’t have to worry about him being run over by crazy wild kids. After the maze we got to play on some slides in the “kiddie korner”. There was even some ponies that Carter could ride (for $3), but we just had fun petting them! Afterwards we rewarded ourselves for the successful outing with some slurpees!



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