18 months and 29 weeks

Carter recently turned 18 months which means….

Nursery! woot woot! His first time was a bit of a disaster. He cried, I cried… it was bad. The second time I had Daniel drop him off so I could avoid getting emotional. Thirty minutes into Sunday School I heard a blood curtailing scream in the hallway. Sure enough the Nursery leaders were bringing Carter back to us because he wouldn’t stop screaming. (He can be persistent when necessary) So I spent another day in Nursery with him but by the end he was running around playing and I was just hanging out watching. He even ran to one of the Nursery leaders when Daniel came to get us to go home. He didn’t want to leave!!! Here’s to hoping he’ll remember how much he loved it next week.


He also recently had his 18 month check-up!

This doctors visit was a pain from the beginning. He knew exactly what was in store and made sure to let us all know that he was not going to have any of it. He screamed every time anyone came into the room. The doctor had to fight him like crazy to do something as simple as check his ears. We ended up having to pin him to the bed so the doctor could check his ears. Turns out he has another ear infection. Poor baby. He also got the last of his shots until kindergarten! Yay! Now I just have to convince him for his next couple appointments that the doctors aren’t gonna hurt him.

Here are his measurements:

Head- 90%

Height- 31 7/8 ” 40%

Weight- 22 # 12oz  12%

The doctor says he is growing great! Oh and did I mention he has two more teeth coming in!? We’re excited… most of us 😉


I also had a doctors visit for little Sammie! It was the diabetes test, so I had to drink the sugary drink before. So normally not a big deal, with Carter I ate sugar like it was no ones business. Well this little munchkin hates sugar, so I definitely wasn’t feeling it at this doctors appointment. This time I gained 4 pounds, which I was excited about. The baby’s heartbeat was 150 which is perfect and I was measuring at 28 weeks which the doctor said was fine since I wasn’t quite 29 weeks. The doctor also took a protein sample to see if I was at risk for preterm labor because I have been feeling a lot of tightening in my lower abdomen lately.

This baby is really giving me a run for my money! He is constantly moving and kicking and jumping and most likely punching me in every possible place, especially at night. I also have been having CRAZY heartburn! To the point that if I eat to much or the wrong thing I will throw up and man does it burn! So chocolate, sugar, and spicy foods are now on the no no list. So much for my new found love of chocolate!

My next doctors visit is in two weeks. I’ll try to keep you posted. 🙂


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