I’m sitting in Carter’s room as I type this. He smells fresh like baby from his bath, and keeps laughing like The Count from Sesame Street as he plays with his toys. I love to sit in here with him and just enjoy his company, even when he’s playing by himself. He is just such a sweet bright little boy, I love him so much.558824_10152336161647222_992606343_n

Lately I’ve been thinking about my life and how blessed I really am. We live in am amazing basement apartment. Tons of space and tons of light. We have everything that we need/want and then some. The house isn’t always clean, but it definitely feels like home.


I have an amazing husband who works full time, goes to school full-time, and still finds the time at night to play with Carter and help me with dinner. Sometimes I forget how much he does and am probably not the sweetest wife in the world (I blame the baby hormones). But the thing that always brings me back is just how kind he is to me… always. I need to be more like him.


Did I tell you we recently got callings in our ward? What a blessing! I’ve really struggled getting to know people in the ward. I just haven’t really had the energy (again I blame the baby 😉 ) or desire to put myself out there and try to make new friends and I’ve been miserable. Anyone who knows me, knows I like people and the positive energy they give me. So imagine my joy when I found out that we were going to be ward missionaries! What better calling is there than one that I get to put myself out there, meet new people, and share the gospel?! I feel like Heavenly Father really is watching out for me and I’m so thankful.


But I guess the thing that is becoming more and more real to me, is that in about 10 weeks we will no longer be a family of three. I will have two little ones at home with me. Even though this pregnancy has really been a hard one for me, it’s been really good. A lot of days I feel like I can’t handle it, but then I remember what a blessing and privilege it is to carry this sweet baby. It doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, but it does make it more bearable.


My cousin recently posted (or liked?) a quote on Facebook that said some thing along the lines of: Someone else is praying for the things you take for granted. I just thought that was such a powerful quote. I get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life that I don’t stop to notice all the things I’ve been blessed with. Well in the past few weeks it has hit me like a ton of bricks. I look at my life and can’t believe it is mine. It’s amazing and wonderful and so full of blessings, I could go on forever about them… I am just so thankful.

553137_10152336162397222_94797608_np.s.  Aren’t all these pictures (minus the belly shot) super cute! Daniel’s sister Treasa was nice enough to take/edit these for us. I would say she should go professional but then we wouldn’t be able to afford her annd she’d be too busy to take our pictures! lol She did such a good job (especially with a crabby baby and difficult light) and Devan was an excellent helper… thanks you guys!

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