Forever Changed

Yesterday when we went out with the sister missionaries one of the sisters was telling me how she has always loved and been good with kids. I told her I was pretty much the opposite before Carter. I always seemed to make babies cry so I avoided them like the plague. This got me to thinking on how much I have changed since I’ve had Carter.

photo (3)

Did I tell you that yesterday I reached into our toilet to grab a bouncy ball that was quickly sinking to bottom and out of sight? YES! The toilet! Carter walked into the bathroom where I was about to brush my teeth, looked at the toilet, looked at the ball in his hand, and threw it. He has excellent aim by the way. It was insane and disgusting but it was either get it quick or deal with a plugged toilet. (I’m not excited for Carters recent discovery of the toilet)

Then there was a few days ago when Carter started throwing up and I pulled him close to me so that he would get all the puke on me and the blanket I had and not all over our bed and the floor. I’ve always hated throw up and thought there was no way when I had kids that I would be able to clean up after them. But here I was dealing with Carter being sick like it was nothing.

photo (2)

Sorry if this is to much info, I just have been thinking of how amazing it is that I am able to do these things for Carter that I probably wouldn’t ever do for anyone else.

He’s getting so big now, it makes me a little sad that his “baby years” are gone.

I recently read a couple blogs about women who are struggling to have children. One of them was all about the things that moms take for granted, or even complain about. Things like cleaning up after a sick baby or dealing with a temper tantrum at the store, are things many moms take for granted, yet others are dying to experience that with a child of their own. It really hit me hard and made me sooo grateful for what I have. Even with all the hard parts of being a mom, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and am so grateful.

photo (4)


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