And then there was snow…

I have to say I’ve been pretty spoiled this fall. The weather has been wonderfully warm and I loved it! Well this morning when I looked out the window, winter was definitely here!


Carter has always  loved snow… at least the pictures of snow he sees in books and movies. Well today was the first day that I got him all dressed up for the snow (gloves and all) and let him play. It was pretty funny. He threw his ball and took off running after it, only to go sliding across the driveway. So he learned snow is slippery.


Then I tried to teach him how to throw snowballs, so he could throw some at Daddy when he got home from class. But the snow is too crumbly so that didn’t work so much.


I also decided I may as well shovel the driveway while we were out there. I knew our drive way was big but MAN, it took forever. By the time I finished the whole thing,  the first part I shoveled was completely covered with snow again.


After all that shoveling I was ready to go inside and Carter was just standing there looking pathetic and cold.


But when I asked him if he wanted to go inside he said “no no no no” and proceeded to play in the freezing cold for another ten minutes… until I bribed him with hot chocolate to go inside. lol


All in all, snow is wet and cold, but lots more fun with Carter around… I guess I’ll keep it.


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