Christmas Spirit


Christmas time is hands down my favorite time of the year. Everywhere you go there are lights and decorations, people are more loving and giving towards each other, and there is just a spirit of joy that is hard to find any other time of the year. The one (and probably only) part of Christmas time that I never understood was caroling. I’ve gone a number of times and I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan. It’s cold and kinda strange if you ask me, showing up at someones door without warning and singing to them…

Anyways, today I was having a super difficult day (it seems like I’m always complaining about this pregnancy but oh well). I woke up with really bad back pain. Like pain so bad that it hurt to stand and walk. It was so strange because I don’t think I’ve ever had back pain in my life… ever! But here I was barely able to walk, trying to take care of a very active toddler who today of all days wanted to be held every waking second of the day. Fun right?

Well at about 4 after what seemed like the longest day of my life, Carter decided to throw and screaming, kicking, rolling tantrum while I was trying to change his diaper. I lost it. It was just too much you know? So as soon as I got his diaper on, I went to my room and cried. I cried and cried and pretty much wondered how in the world I’m gonna survive six more weeks of this pregnancy if I cant even change Carters diaper.

After a good cry I came back out into the living room with Carter and laid on the the couch. Of course Carter came over and cuddled with me, because kids are so much better and forgiving and forgetting. Then I hear a knock on the door. My first thought is that maybe it was the upstairs neighbors and they had heard me crying… So I looked through the peep hole and there was like a mob of people.

Carter was still pant-less from his diaper change and I may or may not have still been in my pjs from this morning… I don’t think I even brushed my hair today. I definitely hadn’t brushed Carters hair and it was sticking up very nicely on one side. The house was a mess because I cant bend over to pick anything up and I don’t really have the desire to do anything but lay down.

Well I threw some pants on Carter and opened the door and there was the sister missionaries (who i love btw) with a group of kids who all started to sing to me and Carter. I realized that this was the first time anyone had ever come and caroled to us… ever. It was strange being on the receiving end of carolers. It was so sweet and even though I’m sure they thought me and Carter looked homeless, that wasn’t what I was thinking as they were singing. I was thinking what a tender mercy and blessing. After such a long day, it was the sweetest feeling to have someone (anyone) come to our home and bring the spirit back.

There’s no way that they could’ve known that I had had a hard day. That I was feeling completely useless. Or that as soon as they left I hugged Carter and cried tears of gratitude for ten minutes. But one thing I do know is that my Heavenly Father loves me and cares so much about me, that he would inspire those sister missionaries to come caroling at our house. What a blessing, I am so grateful.


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