Angels We Have Heard on High

This past week has really been a challenge for me. Daniel started feeling “a little” sick on Tuesday, which meant that I of course got sick the next day. The only difference is that I got hit like a truck! It always seems to happen that way with sickness around here but at least this time I can blame it on being pregnant. So for a few days I felt pretty bad, add to that my back pain, pelvic floor pain (maybe tmi… oh well), and (random) constant thirst (which inevitably led to constant trips to the bathroom… allll night long) and you could say I was pretty miserable.

But do you want to hear something happy?

I woke up this morning and all of it was gone! Totally and completely gone! I haven’t felt this good in weeks! It sure opened my eyes to what I was taking for granted. Anyways, I was just super excited to finally feel normal for a little bit. 🙂

Well, today was stake conference so the timing for feeling better was perfect! I sat through the whole meeting and my back didn’t hurt once! It was an excellent meeting, we got a new stake presidency annnnd got to hear from a member of the seventy and Elder Oaks! We ended up going to the stake center to watch the broadcast of the meeting because it is right across the street from our house and we figured if Carter couldn’t last the whole two hours we wouldn’t be disturbing as many people.

About half way through the meeting we were about to sing the rest hymn and the sound from the broadcast turned off. The entire meeting was being translated into ASL so we could see the interpreters start to sign the song and a few ladies in our congregations started singing (they were sitting near us and were really good singers btw). Soon the whole congregation was singing Angels we Have Heard on High but a capella because we still had no sound from the broadcast. Then, the broadcast froze and shut off completely, but everyone continued to sing. It was so beautiful listening to all the parts being sung and without a piano.

However as we got closer to the end of the song I began to wonder what we were going to do if they didn’t get the broadcast up and running again. Would we all just have to go home? Well, during the last verse and last few words of that verse, the visual and audio came back and guess what? We were EXACTLY in sync with the broadcast. Isn’t that amazing? I was just so touching, it made me cry. Maybe I’m just a cry baby these days or maybe you just had to be there, but there was just something about it that was so powerful and reminded me of faith and how truly amazing the gospel is.



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